Hello internet!

This will most likely be my last post on this blog, and I want to first take a few sentences to thank everybody who helped me along this summer and who, if it weren’t for them, the summer wouldn’t have been a success. I’d really like to thank Professor Volpe and Max Roberts, a graduate student at the lab, for all the help both of them gave me over the course of the summer. Without their help and their vision for the project, I simply wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work at the lab this summer, and since this was my first research experience I really owe both a lot. Many of my friends from California and Columbia have given me their support over the summer as well, you all know who you are and I’m very grateful for your kind words.

I completed my circuit on Tuesday, and the final product is below. I was able to really good data out, and am overall very proud that I was able to take this from a theoretical concept to an actual circuit board.


Also, I realized that I hadn’t posted a picture of the Collisionless Terrella Experiment (CTX), which is where my circuit will find application.


It was an immeasurably fun experience to walk into work every morning and see this complex machine and think about all the work that went into it’s design.

That’s really all there is for me, and this summer. I’ll be giving a poster presentation at the SEAS undergraduate summer research symposium on October 7th, which I’m very much looking forward to, but until then it’s time to focus on a new academic year!

Bye bye internet,

Scooby Doo!